The following conditions apply to the courses and swimming lessons at Swim in Balance®:

1. Payment of the course or tuition fee is made before the relevant course or private lesson starts.

2. Registration for a group course, workshop, duo or trio lesson means that the student pays the full course fee. Cancellation after registration is not possible. It is the student's own responsibility for how many lessons he/she attends. Illness or absence does not reduce the course fee. Catching up on lessons is possible after consultation with Swim in Balance®, within the same lesson block, if there is room in another group.

3. Cancellation or rescheduling of booked practice hours is not possible. Book another practice hour (10,00 euros) again if you are unable to attend.

4. Private lessons can be rescheduled up to a week in advance. In case of cancellation or rescheduling of a lesson less than a week in advance, a payment of 50% of the tuition fee applies and in the event of less than 48 hours in advance, a payment of 100% of the tuition fee applies.

5. Illness or absence at open water workshops and day workshops will not result in a reduction of the registration fee. Participation in workshops cannot be converted or exchanged. You can pass on your participation to someone else.

6. If courses or lessons cannot take place due to unforeseen circumstances on our part, your order will remain valid and we will provide an alternative schedule. If lessons cannot continue due to force majeure, such as very extreme weather conditions (code red) or calamities in the relevant swimming pool, your lesson will unfortunately be cancelled.

7. If necessary, Swim in Balance® can adjust the teaching conditions such as the location or teaching time of a course.

8. If you have medical complaints, you should consult your doctor in advance whether participation in a swimming course is advisable. Shaw Methode Nederland BV is not responsible for injuries or any physical harm you may sustain during a private lesson or course.

9. Course dates continue as usual during some school holidays, with the exception of Christmas and New Year's Eve. See the dates on the course description for more information.

10. Please report your absence in advance by email, so that we can take this into account.

11. When purchasing swimming goggles during the lesson, a payment term of 1 week after the end of the lesson applies, to be paid via the digital payment link.

12. Courses will continue from more than 4 registrations. If this number is not reached, an alternative will be found in consultation for the registered participants and you will receive a proposal. Your registration remains valid, money refunds are not possible. Maximum number of students per course is 8 people. For all courses or workshops of a total of 6 hours, an alternative of 6 hours is also offered, perhaps in a different time distribution than the first course.

13. At the end of a course or workshop, underwater videos of the participants are made for their own use, to learn from. This will be sent to the entire group (maximum 8 people), it is not possible for us to send this to everyone personally. If you do not want this, you can indicate this to the teacher and no video will be made of you and therefore nothing will be shared with the other participants. We ask and trust students not to share these videos.

14. By booking a course or swimming holiday you expressly agree that the statutory reflection period of two weeks on this order is not valid. The right of withdrawal does not apply here, because it concerns 'services such as leisure activities' (Article 230p, Civil Code). Our business operations would become impossible if people still had 2 weeks after their registration to withdraw, while we reserve the swimming pools and teachers, etc.

15. If there is a thunderstorm during the open water courses or workshops, we are forced to temporarily interrupt the lesson until the storm has passed. This is the only weather condition where we go out of the water, because this is really dangerous.