Who will go swimming in Croatia? 

BLOG | May 20, 2021

Dear students, former students and Swim in Balance enthusiasts,

Good news: Our swimming holiday September 19-26 in Croatia continues! We have already reached the minimum number of participants (registrations from 2020) and there is still room for about 8 people. The open water courses in the Netherlands have now started again and there are again new courses planned, but if you can also follow the same course with us in Croatia… Then I would know!


This is a great opportunity to get away from it all in September in a Mediterranean climate (similar to Italy) and take two (!) Swim in Balance courses in one week. You will have lessons in an indoor swimming pool with filtered sea water, in a luxurious 4-star hotel directly on the Adriatic Sea. You can walk straight out of your hotel room in a bathrobe to the pool. We also organize an open water workshop in the sea, for people who want it. That way you come home rested with a nice swimming technique.

We have the guarantee from the hotel that we can move our reservations free of charge if there are any corona restrictions, so you don't take any risk. We have room for 12-15 participants. The trip is very suitable for individual participation, but it is also possible with a partner or friends.

Cheap flight: book now

The direct Transavia flights Rotterdam-Pula currently only cost 50 euros, and there is still plenty of room on the plane! If you want to travel at the same time as the other participants, we recommend that you book quickly. From the airport in Pula we share a minibus to the hotel (30 min), it is a very easy journey. Of course you can also travel in another way (eg by car, or by ferry via Venice).

What does the holiday mean?

You will have two hours of lessons every morning in a small group and you can register for optional activities, such as the open water workshop or extra private lesson. You can choose from our basic crawl course, level 2 crawl course, breaststroke or butterfly. Each course lasts 6 hours, just like in the Netherlands (worth 297 euros per course). So you do your first course for the first 3 days (swimming stroke of your choice), then there is a rest day with a nice group excursion on a boat and the opportunity to snorkel, and the last 3 days you do your second course (swimming stroke of your choice). People who have done the basic crawl course with us, for example, can do level 2 crawl and, for example, breaststroke or butterfly in Croatia. If you have not taken a course with us before, you can also focus on front crawl all week, and do our basic course and level 2 course in 1 week.

Above you can see three participants who participated in 2019 enjoying the setting sun and the delicious food on the balcony where we always have breakfast and dinner. There is a lot of fresh fish straight from the sea. The holiday is based on half board, which in Croatia means that your breakfast and dinner are included. You can have a delicious lunch for about 10 euros in one of the eateries by the sea.

What else is there to do?

The hotel is located in the extreme southern tip of Istria, a few kilometers from Pula, where there are many remains from the Roman period. It's nice to take a taxi to Pula in the afternoon with a few fellow students and visit, for example, the 2000-year-old amphitheater and the interesting museum that is below. Of course you can also read a book under the pine trees by the sea (the sun loungers are ready) or rent a bicycle to view the area. If you want, you can also practice swimming all day long, in the indoor pool, the outdoor pool or in the sea.

Wellness: recommended!

This hotel is used in winter by the national Croatian sports teams for training and that is why there is a great wellness area at the bottom of the hotel, with several saunas and steam baths that you can use for free. You can also get super good massages using the famous oils from Istria and, for example, mud treatments. The prices are lower than in the Netherlands and there are nice offers, such as the 3th free after 4 massages. I (Esther, founder of Swim in Balance) take a daily massage during my visits to this hotel… not to be missed! You can also take Alexander Technique lessons from me, if you find that interesting.

You can read more about this holiday on our website. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to e-mail I will think along with you. Your age does not matter, the holiday is suitable for everyone.

We would be delighted to welcome you to this wonderful holiday. I can't wait to go myself. See you in Croatia?

sporty greetings,

Esther and the Swim in Balance teacher team

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“Very nice week in a nice environment to learn the Shaw method.”

- Martin (swimming holiday May 2022)

“If like me you thought you could never learn to crawl, and if you want to learn to get more impact (not just in the pool) with less force, then this is a course to do. Accessible, nice people, interesting method, wonderful location and real results.”

- Cilia (swimming holiday May 2022)

“I wholeheartedly recommend Swim in Balance swimming holidays. Learning a new stroke really well, with all the individual guidance that every participant needs, is guaranteed to succeed here. In addition, I learned a lot about the Alexander Technique, on which Swim in Balance bases its swimming method – also super valuable for other sports, making music and life in general. Even though we worked hard, it really felt like a holiday – great to hit the sauna after a swim! I wish Swim in Balance many more happy participants!”

- Alix (swimming holiday May 2022)

“A memorable adventure, where to my amazement I really learned to front crawl, unbelievable!”

- Nicolien (swimming holiday May 2022)

"Great, fun course, does what it promises"

- Show

"During the basic front crawl course, it was explained step-by-step and clearly how we can crawl according to the Shaw method. This is quite a bit different from what I've ever learned. But because of the clear explanation and the slow build up of the battle, it was easy to adjust. Lydia was also a very nice and enthusiastic instructor."

- Hannah

"All my life I was afraid of water and afraid of learning to swim. But after 6 weeks of Water Confidence I managed to leave most of my fear behind. Fantastic, I am very grateful to you!"

- Gabor

"Take a course. Swim in balance is good for your body and mind!"

- Rosita

"I have (already) followed a very nice course. Under professional guidance I was taken step by step in learning a new swimming stroke. It feels like dancing in the water. Recommended!"

- Danielle

“I really benefit from the lessons and come home happy every time.”

- Marjan

“I have never dared to put my head under water in all my life. After 2 lessons with Esther I completely got over my fear and because of that I was able to snorkel with the sea lions and their babies during my holiday in Galapagos!!! Top!!!!"

- Hanna

“I've been trying to teach myself the front crawl for years. With regular lessons you are quickly “forgotten” as a beginner. Esther teaches you, in a relaxed way, a very nice stroke without forcing your back or shoulders. From water habituation (floating) to the entire stroke. Recommended!”

- Hester

“The course really made me realize that the more aligned you are in the water, the more comfortable swimming is. Very glad I learned this, thank you!”

- Wilma

“Celebrating a holiday and also learning something has never been so much fun!”

- Esther (swimming holiday)

“Instructive course, recommended!”

- Marjoram

"Finally working on my front crawl in a relaxed way, before I mainly did this with brute force, but now through Swim in Balance courses and exercises this is done in a relaxed way, very happy with it."

- Nard

“This special journey has brought me a lot, through the Alexander swimming technique and the relaxing way of teaching I have become friends with water again. Besides this “friendship reunited”, other wonderful people and experiences have come my way. Thanks for this special week.”

- Sylvia (swimming holiday)

“My experience with the course was teaching the professional approach of the correct technique, in both the group instructions and the individual guidance, as well as the conviviality.”

- Janine

“Being always a bit afraid of the water, this has really been a life changing experience. I will not be doing the Olympics any time soon, but I definitely am happy with the outcome.”

- Monica

”I thought the crawl basic course was a very nice course, very relaxed setting, Niels is a great teacher with an eye for detail, and a clear explanation. Before the course I had no experience with the front crawl, and now I can swim the front crawl in a good and relaxed way, and I have the basics to train this stroke in a good way. Outside the bath I also benefit from the body awareness that you get in this method, so that I am more often aware of my posture and can improve it.”

- Timo

“Nice course. You learn to swim again, but in a constructive way. Very nice to discover that you can swim quickly with not much effort. And the crawl like this is a beautiful stroke.”

- Willemiek

“In small steps, with good instruction and stimulating guidance, the basics for chest crawl learned in a short time.”

- Nel

“Great lessons, fun and effective.”

- Pieter

“The swimming holiday to Croatia was wonderful! Good weather, beautiful people, learning new things every day in the salt water pool, fun optional activities and plenty of free time to go your own way. Perfect!"

- Lydia (swimming holiday)

“I thought it was a great experience to learn so much in such a short time! The classes were at the same time very relaxed, completely relaxed! Delicious! I had surgery on my back a few months ago, the result is not good, I hesitated to take the classes, but it has given me a lot of good! Recommended!"

- Saskia

“I was very happy with the front crawl level 1 course (in the swimming pool) as well as the 2 hour workshop in the lake 't Wed. Both have given me the skills to feel confident to swim laps in a pool or to swim in open water. Esther is a great instructor with patience and a passion for this sport. She is very relaxed and explains things in a concise and encouraging way. Anyone interested in improving their technique so you can swim more efficiently would benefit greatly from following Esther's courses.”

- Sue

“This course completely fulfills the promise! Really fun and educational to do.”

- Nicole

“Perfect course. Never thought that something I've wanted to do for years could be taught so easily. I wish I had done it years earlier.”

- Hans

“A wonderful mix of sporting effort and relaxation. Exactly what I needed! Sun, sea, salt water and inspiring swimmers!”

- Annelies (swimming holiday)

“I have experienced the Shaw Method as subtle, friendly, logical, natural, intelligent and effective. The instructors are calm and thoughtful. The technology is made up of building blocks so that you can fall back on the basics if you have lost the technology for a while.”

- Tess

“Esther taught me the basics of the front crawl in 6 lessons. The lessons are very clearly structured and ensure that you slowly get used to a new habit. The Shaw Method provides a relaxed way of swimming where relaxation is the most important. The advanced lessons allowed me to continue working on my technique and since then I have been jumping in the pool with great pleasure and confidence. Thanks!”

- Patrick

“If you thought you could swim, give this a try. You will learn relaxing techniques from expert teachers in a beautiful swimming pool on the coast of Croatia.”

- Nora (swimming holiday)

“A wonderful hour of relaxing in the water and at the same time developing more feeling. Nice to experience how effective it is to apply the Alexander Technique to swimming! I recommend it to all swimming enthusiasts.”

- Caroline