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BASIC CRAWL COURSE | DAY WORKSHOP | Sat. August 13, 10:00 a.m.

Course period August 13, 10:00 hrs

This day workshop is suitable for anyone who can swim and/or float with their face in the water and who would like to learn to swim a calm, flowing and sustained front crawl. The workshop takes place in open water (a calm lake).
You may be:

  • a swimmer with no experience with the front crawl
  • a front crawler who wants to learn to swim more efficiently.
  • a triathlete eager to learn to swim in the leg action with less effort.

You may also be a swimmer who wants to change his current swimming style due to back or joint problems. This course is suitable for all levels.
The workshop will guide you through all the exercises for the front crawl, starting with the Shaw Method glide, followed by the leg action, the rotation, the arm movement and finally the breathing.

During the workshop you will discover how to:

  • experience the natural buoyancy of your body
  • drastically reduce the amount of effort you exert during your swim
  • can use the rotation of your body to increase your streamlining
  • recognize the importance of preparing for a movement.

During this day you will alternate between swimming and theory lessons, where we practice the swimming movements on dry land and explain why we choose this technique. You don't need to be in good shape, we build up the stroke step by step from the beginning and always swim small pieces. You can build up your fitness after this day. At the end of the day you will have learned all the steps that will allow you to swim the entire stroke, but of course this is not automated yet. You can come back for this in September to further refine the battle in the level 2 crawl course. Afterwards you will receive all the exercises on video so that you can practice yourself.

Maximum number of participants: 12 people

Location: Fletcher Hotel, Spaarnwoude. You can borrow wetsuits during the workshop if you think it's cool. Showers and toilets are available.

Please bring your own lunch. There is also a restaurant.


13 August , 10:00 - 17:00


13 August
10:00 - 17:00
Course Category:


Swim in Balance
Oostbroekerweg 17

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