One of the locations where we give open water courses is the Vlietland recreation area (near Leiden). The water quality is good there, you can stand there and there is a comfortable jetty to get in and out of the water. There are also toilets there and a restaurant where you can enjoy something before or after your lesson.

We have wetsuits in all sizes, which you can use during all lessons for 25 euros if you want, so you don't have to purchase anything and you can first see if open water is something for you. In the 6-week courses you will build up the relevant swimming stroke (crawl, breaststroke or butterfly) step by step and you will also receive specific tips for swimming in open water. There are also crawl level 2 courses for people who have already completed the basic course with us and want to refine their stroke in combination with learning to deal with the specific features of outdoor swimming.

Just like in the swimming pool, we work with groups of a maximum of 8 participants and the teacher is always in the water with you.

Price: 295 euros for 6 lessons
Wetsuit rental: 25 euros for 6 lessons

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