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View all our reviews here.

Floortje (swimming holiday)

A wonderful holiday, during which I learned to swim in a whole new way. Nice location, quiet pool and on the sea, so all possibilities to practice in between. Nice lessons with a lot of personal attention. I thought I would find two hours of swimming hard, but learning this technique is wonderful.


Super good way to learn how to crawl in a relaxed way. Top!


Recommended! A very nice front crawl basic course in Utrecht! Good teachers teach you a special way of swimming in a very personal approach. I hope to really learn to master the front crawl in a follow-up course.


With the aim of being able to participate in a quarter triathlon, I naturally immediately came to the conclusion that my swimming needed an improvement (literally). Through Swim in Balance I laid the foundation to do this with the Shaw method front crawl. In the course you really received personal attention and a lot of guidance and coaching to improve the details and to be able to swim more easily, faster and more relaxed. The lessons are nicely structured; you learn step by step and keep getting new “aha” moments, at a fast and easy pace. Now it is simply a matter of practicing and building up fitness. In any case, the basis is there; for that, thanks!


It is really fun to learn butterfly stroke at Swim in Balance. The exercises are playful and pleasant to do. Float like a crocodile, 'wave' underwater like a mermaid. Recommended!