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View all our reviews here.


Just followed the front crawl lessons in Zandvoort. Very pleasant swimming lesson and good teacher; everything is discussed very calmly and practiced immediately. Laughed occasionally. First I had to get over my underwater fear. But with the right swimming goggles (bought on the spot), it worked surprisingly quickly. Now it's a matter of a lot of practice.

Harry (Water Confidence course)

When I went to the course for the first time, I found it very exciting. But that was soon over: I learned so much there! With my age (67 years old) I thought 'that won't work' but after 6 weeks of lessons I learned a lot. The system of breathing, relaxing and the alignment of your neck gave me a lot of confidence. It gives you peace in the water. Good instructors, learned a lot. Now I don't have to stay on the shore and watch, which was until now because I had drowned at a young age. You are never too old to learn. This swimming method is highly recommended.


Very nice course! You learn the front crawl step by step with very good explanation and exercises. It is a technique that is very good for your posture and a lot of fun to do.


With a torn inner knee ligament, swimming breaststroke was not possible for the time being. Great opportunity to learn the front crawl at Swim In Balance. Pleasant lessons in small groups and the teacher takes you step by step in the new stroke, in a swimming pool where you can stand. This allows you to practice relaxed. Definitely recommended, I really enjoyed having swimming lessons again after 40 years. It is important that you take time to practice between lessons and as far as the front crawl is concerned, it is useful to do the follow-up course immediately afterwards.


This is a great course to give you confidence and bring you further in your quest to master front crawl. Small group and can be tailored to wishes and needs of the participants. Thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and look forward to learning breast stroke next time as the method in which the lessons are taught is a perfect combination of technique, tips and giving you confidence to continue. Great teachers with lots of knowledge and patience Thanks!