Would you like to take a Water Confidence course? You can register for the dates below. Each date is the start of a 6-week course (6 x 1 hour) at a fixed time during the week. You can see the exact lesson dates when you click further in the course. 

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This course is intended for people who never learned to swim as a child or who have had a traumatic experience that developed a fear of water. You can work very well on fears with the Alexander technique. It is also used, for example, for fear of heights, fear of flying and fear of spiders. Most people in this course get rid of their fear within 1 or 2 lessons and we teach them step by step to float on their back, on their stomach, to dare to put their head under water, to breathe out under water, not getting water in your nose, the leg movement of snorkeling, etc. This way you can have fun in a swimming pool with your (grand)children again without feeling awkward in the water. If you are so enthusiastic after this course that you really want to learn to swim well with good technique, you can then move on to, for example, our crawl basic course or the breaststroke course. Price: 375 euros

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