Need time for yourself? Would you like to relax for a moment? You can very well use this swimming holiday as a retreat. You don't have to think about anything this week, everything is taken care of and arranged.

Top-quality food is ready for you every meal, with a choice of many types of dishes: possibly gluten-free, vegetarian, fresh fish from the sea, tender lamb, delicious local pasta products, locally produced olive oil. You can eat with the group or on your own. Your room is cleaned every day. The only 'obligation' is to take swimming lessons for 2 hours in the morning, in a friendly group of participants. The rest of the day you can read a book on the beach, get a massage, take a nice walk, whatever you want.

During the past 11 holidays, we have noticed in practice that the combination of the beautiful surroundings, lots of sun, physical exertion and a lot of relaxation has a beneficial effect on the participants. People who were recovering from a burnout regularly attended. They themselves said that they came back feeling reborn (see reviews) and we also saw that they started to look better every day. They sometimes arrived with the idea of ​​quitting their job and left with all kinds of inspiration for better solutions. The Alexander Technique (optional in the afternoons) certainly contributes to this, because it has a positive influence both physically and mentally. You literally gain more influence over your thoughts and your body, you learn to manage yourself effectively.

Are you in a situation where you need some time for yourself and need to reflect? Then we cordially invite you to come along. You can rest assured that you will have the freedom to choose whether you want to spend your time alone or with others, no one forces you to participate in group activities, but there are if you like. The return journey is very easy (less than 2 hours' flight) and if you take the same flight as the swimming instructors, even the taxi to the hotel is arranged for you.

You can also register this holiday as an Alexander Technique retreat and possibly have it reimbursed by your insurance or employer.

'Free as a fish' – Flow magazine

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Then you can receive more information about, for example, the rates for family members and get answers to other questions. Because the hotel is very popular, we recommend that you register as early as possible, then we have the best chance that we can still reserve your room. Last minute bookings are a gamble, but possible. We expect between 15 – 20 participants.

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