Are you already familiar with the Swim in Balance method®? Whether you are a novice swimmer or someone who wants to learn a new stroke, the Swim in Balance method® is suitable for everyone. Also for an experienced swimmer who wants to learn to swim more streamlined and with better body use. Read more about swimming lessons for adults here!

No flotation devices

The Swim in Balance method® is swimming, but not in the way you know it. Perhaps you have an image of a swimming teacher of someone shouting at you from the shore while you cling to a floating board. That is not how the Swim in Balance method® works. The teachers guide you from the water. This way they can easily communicate with you, providing hands-on guidance and directions where necessary. There are no buoyancy aids involved, you learn to optimally develop your own buoyancy.

swimming lessons for adults

Drogeland sessions

There is also practice next to the pool, on dry land. This seems weirder than it is. Esther Visser van Swim in Balance gives swimming lessons for adults according to the Swim in Balance method® and talks about the exercises outside the water: 'They are intended to learn new movement patterns and you will quickly notice that the dryland sessions are very valuable for learning to move better in the water .'

The Alexander Technique

The method is completely based on the Alexander technique. This is a technique that teaches you how to use your body without overloading it. Esther explains: 'This technique helps to unlearn unfavorable habits and learn more beneficial new habits. The Swim in Balance method® achieves the same thing in the water. This way you become more aware of your body, swim more efficiently and prevent injuries.' The Alexander Technique is known worldwide and is used by athletes, dancers, singers and musicians.

Swimming lessons for adults

Swim in Balance has a wide range of swimming lessons for adults. You can choose a 6-week course front crawl course, breast strokebutterfly of back crawl in a small group, with plenty of room for personal attention. You can also take private lessons. You do this alone or with a friend. Lessons last 30, 45 or 60 minutes. The subject of these private lessons is fully adapted to your wishes. Esther: 'If you don't have time every week, but you want to learn to swim in a group, you can also opt for a one-day workshop. You then learn all the steps of a swimming stroke in one day.'

After the course

To ensure that you can practice during or after a course, there is the possibility for all (former) participants to come and swim during practice hours. This way you work out the lessons yourself and you continue to work on maintaining and improving your swimming techniques. Swim in Balance gives swimming lessons for adults in all swimming strokes, to swimmers of all different levels. Also people with fear of deep water are welcome to a course specially designed for them.

Something for you?

Have you become curious about the course or one of the individual programs? On our website you will find all information about the classes and a calendar containing the starting dates of the various courses!